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Photo by Elina Mälkiä

Photo by Tanja Lupari

18.3.2020 Oldies

This morning I was thinking of old dogs when I was walking with  Ami and her father Strax. Strax is now 11 years so is Jos (Reikon Jos) in the photo right. In the photo left she is perhaps 2 years old. There is something admirable in old dogs. The body does not function anymore as it used to and they know it. In spite of that they are full of life and as Jos once comunicated: "The fact that I am old is not a sickness!"  I "oldie" by age try to remember that every day!

15.3.2020 Memory of Training Herding with Ami

Listen to the trainer kindly laughing at my mistakes in guiding the dog. Kristiina is her name and she is a real good in her job! Hope all Ami`s puppies would have a possibility to show that they are ment for working!

7.3.2020 Mama

The milkbar is open!